The resonance from my heart
6-video installation, 6 mins, 2010

pop-out window

"The Resonance from My Heart" is a six-screen synchronized projection. It presents my feelings about what happened in Sierra Leone. It consists of the photos and documentaries taken there. The story began in Febuary 2007, I found a book named "Oh Rain, Please Come to Africa. ", written by a famous Korean actress, Kim Hye Ja, on the Internet. She wrote "Diamonds- are tears of Africa." While reading the stories about Africans, I burst into tears. There were too many doubts and sorrows. A few days later, one of the tragic stories of a girl from the book still lingered in my mind. There was a sudden grasp- that I live a luxurious life. For some Africans, to be alive is not easy. Yet I was talking about the meaning of being "alive" breezily with my friend. What I did not know was that to be alive for them is to stay "existing" in the world. Later on, I told that friend of mine : Perhaps to live well, to seek and carry out the true value of life is the meaning of being aliveĦI On July 19, 2008, I met my future husband who had been to one of the countries about which I had read in the stories for humanitarian aid. At that moment, I wondered what scenery this country which had changed my viewpoint of life one and half years ago would look like? Meanwhile, I was further attracted by him because of this coincidence. Hence I asked for all the information and created this work. Through "The Resonance from My Heart," I sound and pray for Africans, plant one seed of hope for the future of the world, and personally document my romance.