Marching Troops
video installation, 13 mins, 2010

"Marching Troops" documents my personal experiences in France and Taiwan. I attempted to juxtapose two different kinds of military service of these two countries at the same time. I was inspired by the fact that my little brother had to do his military service in Taiwan. This project conveys the image of soldiers in different countries and satisfies people's curiosity toward military troops. Besides, since these soldiers are all imbued with nationalism and patriotism, the project investigates the significance of the military service and deconstructs the meaning of national authority. The project consists of three synchronized videos with a common sound track of a commander's voice-over. It alludes to a carnaval ambiance and reinforces the absurdity of the content of the speech. Also, I applied the animated filters of three principal colors of the national flags of Taiwan and France into the videos to enhance my work with elements of painting. "Marching Troops" records the growth of my little brother during this period and conserves the memory of the singular experience of his military journey.

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