Dialogue-Sumiko & Hsin-Yi
video installation, 10 mins 26", 2008

pop-out window

"Dialogue" is a project in memory of my dearest grandmother. I worked with my grandmother's paintings and created a visual dialogue between her and me. The two sides of the video comprise my grandmother's paintings' images and my previous video art works. The interaction between two images showing at the same time represents the result of cooperation and the exchange of ideas with her. Since my grandmother passed away in 2007, we haven't talked to each other for a long time. Also, she had a dream to become an artist when she was a little girl, but she did not have any chance to seriously pursue her artistic career. Throughout the whole process of creation, I deemed her a partner as well as a serious artist to work with. Besides, since both of us were painters, I deliberately keep the spirit and the texture of painting in the video. In this way, I imagine that we were on a canvas brushing together.