A Sorrowful Exercise
4-video installation, 17 mins, 2008

The day Grandma left us
I was in Switzerland
Two ideas occurred to me
I wanted to follow the steps she left behind
I also felt she was actually by my side
Right away I made a decision
to bring Grandma to see the largest waterfall in Europe
with my video camera
to witeness this journey Grandma and I shared

The image and sound in the composition
were all collected in 24 hours after Gramdma left us
and on the day of her funeral
I tried with limited materials
to edit this film with four connected screens
to see my Grandmother off
to let go of my grief

There are eight chapters in the film -

First. Presage
The premonition of setting off
Grandma has left us quietly in her sleep

Second. Voyage
When the pilot let Grandma to another world
the rudder representing her life has grandually
become still

Third. Seeing off
With ourcompany, Grandma has finally travelled to the end of her world
There is a pair of Death's eyes waiting for her after sunset

Fourth. Tears
The scenery rendered as Chinese landscape painting is my tears

Fifth. Forzen
The chilling air freezes the moment
It freezes my heard
Can it also freeze the steps of my Grandmother?

Sixth. Our of Focus
The sight is blurred at moments of sorrow
Mourn silently

Seventh. Worship
The last farewell to Grandma

Eighth, Heaven
Grandma is on the way to Heaven

This 17-minute long film creates a sorrowful atmosphere
The plot is only the frame
Viewers can participate in each part as they wish

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